Flight 001: Japanese Airlines | From City Pop to Funky House

Welcome aboard & unfasten your seatbelts: Hosted by the lovely team of CAFE BY DOKUWA who will throughout your flight* treat you with deliciously concocted drinks we invite you to take another journey of sounds through time and space with a very special pilot-team: Lift off with kskefk is from Tokyo’s 80’s boogiefunk-scene with several stops like crazy-bossas central Rio or african-funk-gem Lagos. For the main-route a pilot from Handa joins us via Berlin to take over: DJ Ononiionioniion / Showa Kayo – Japanese pop from 60-80’s will dominate the groove for you to move to…

Later on (for those nightflyers) we’ll check out the jazzhouse capitals from Detroit to London.

*all effects due to the burning of kerosene excluded the trip is environmental-friendly (in comparison) & all aircraft noise will be muted by the funk!

Living Room Concert | AIN’T GOT NO: LIFE! Femmage to Nina Simone


Living Room Concert no. 2 ist zu Gast in der Galerie Pfund und Dollar! Passend zum African History Month ist der Abend der afroamerikanischen Sängerin und Songwriterin Nina Simone gewidmet, deren Song Ain’t got No / I got life (1968) — eine Adaptation aus dem Musical Hair — vor allem als aktivistisches Statement interpretiert wurde; zwei Solo-Performances nähern sich der Figur an auf der Suche nach gender- und racefluider Identität und Präsenz. Kommt, kommt zahlreich!

Eintritt frei / wir freuen uns aber über eine Spende für die Künstler*innen !

Bianca Hein, theoretical studies (humanities) in Marburg and artistic studies (visual communication) in Hamburg. Theatre- and performative work since 2014. Finding the way through the contradictions that pervade us makes poetry indispensable, a way of approaching the unknown, of understanding the known in its curious strangeness.

General Arka aka Ingrid Hoelzl is a media theorist and performance artist currently based in Hamburg, founding member of AGE / Algorithmic Glitch Ensemble (2015) and Archetype Ensemble (2016), organizer of the performance event Interspecies Musicking (2017) and founder (with Remi Marie) of General Humanity which brings together theory, art, and activism and functions as a production platform for her collaborative projects from 2018 onwards, in particular Stringfigures I &II (2018), Postimage Operaaahhh!!! (2019) and DURLG! Proposal for a Post-Anthropo-Scene (Blurred Edges 2020). Her performance work integrates movement and sound improvisation with theory and poetry, experimental music and martial arts.